Ambra Investment

UAB Ambra Investment was founded in 2005. The company's target is exceptional commercial, recreational and residential projects as well as their development and management. The company is also a founder and owner of other companies. The project management activities encompass all stages from ideas and development of initial concept to realization of a project as well as leasing and selling of real property. Our company's attitude towards work is plain: it is important to work quietly and well, and not only to enjoy the results achieved. We are being creative in clearing the obstacles in order to meet our and our customers' needs and fulfill dreams. We seek to become an innovative company with unique investment projects in the Baltic region and be exceptionally creative in finding and realizing investment opportunities, fast in implementing projects, and effective as well as active in using our experience and skill for increasing the value of managed projects and companies. The company employs an international team, which has amassed lots of experience in implementing investment projects and strategic management of companies, and knows how to deal with RE development and management projects and actively engage in activities and development of affiliated companies. We are prepared to apply our knowledge, experience and capabilities to identify and realize the potential of investment.


UAB „Ambra investicijos“:

Company code 300120611;
K. Kalinausko g. 24, LT-03107 Vilnius.
Tel. +37052070993